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Enterprise Archiving solution

Powerful VNA plus sustainable archiving

Meeting the requirements of a powerful VNA, syngo.share is more than an archive: Besides functioning as a PACS back end and LTA (long-term archive), it can also act as hospital-wide image management software.

Data archiving and sharing across institutions and departments allows patient-centered data management of all DICOM files, images, documents, and examination results. Easy and intuitive handling of acquisition of any kind of data from different sources gives the possibility to store all needed data patient-central in one archive.



Patient-centric storage - syngo.share is the central hub for clinical results, provides a holistic overview of the information available on a patient, and seamlessly integrates with your EMR. The centralized availability of data simplifies viewing, supports sound decisions, and increases efficiency.


Single point of integration - syngo.share supports major standards – including DICOM, HL7, IHE, XDS – and facilitates integration, consolidation, and exchange between systems and stakeholders. Multiple connectivity options make it scalable to future needs – at reduced migration costs.

Cost-Saving Data Management

Cost-saving data management – With a lean single-archive strategy, syngo.share becomes the backbone of your entire institution. Designed for growth – from multi-departmental, to enterprise, to regional set-ups – it enables cost control for data storage via image lifecycle management.

1 syngo.share consists of several medical devices of ITH icoserve technology for healthcare GmbH, Innsbruck, Austria. syngo.share products are not commercially available in all countries and their future availability cannot be guaranteed due to regulatory reasons. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

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